1_Investigation and development
Knowledge for the future

Our team research and  explores new ways to improve productivity and sustainability. We seek to develop practical and efficient solutions that helps rural communities to stay on their own  land and live more sustainably.


Visions of tomorrow

we are committed to exploring new ideas and undertaking projects that allow us to imagine and create a better future for farmers and their rural communities, improving their quality of life.

• Promoting  initiatives in conjunction with all areas of the company.

• Prioritization of initiatives and work on research reports.

• Execution of initiatives both internally and in collaboration with academic institutions.

• Completion of academic theses and internal committees for the development of initiatives.

• Measuring results and providing feedback on initiatives.

Proposals for initiatives by areas of the company 2023 -2024

1.- Economic  and  Technical Study of the implementation of 3 models of rainwater  dams ( recovery )

2.- Study from a technical and economic point of view the feasibility of implementing hydroponics systems in the CZT Tokosova greenhouse.

3.- policies  and actions that allow us to reduce environmental impact of our projects and facilities.

4.- Study the feasibility of implementing a productive system on flood-prone soils in the coastal communes of the Araucanía region.

5.- CZ Tokosova  Greenhouse Ecosystem model

6.– Develop a financial management system  for the CZT company 

7.- construction   system  for better efficiency and sustainability 

8.- Systematize and develop a plan for improvements and solutions, according to the needs raised with farmers