Alliances: A triumvirate with purpose

beyond business

We believe in an inclusive and sustainable economy. working with the public sector and academia to generate value for rural communities, with a focus on women’s empowerment and environmental sustainability

Academy Alliances:
Research for Innovation

science and education for sustainable development is the key for success Our academic partnerships drive innovative research and provide education to rural communities. We promote equal opportunities and empowerment of women in the field.

partner work with the goverment:
Common Good Policies

We believe in the power of public policies for social and environmental well-being. We actively collaborate with the state, promoting sustainable agriculture and inclusive rural development.

BEME: Agreement with Banco Estado

We have a collaboration agreement between CZ Tokošova and BancoEstado Microempresas (subsidiary of the Banco del Estado de Chile) for farmers who are beneficiaries of irrigation vouchers from the National Irrigation Commission (CNR) of the Ministry of Agriculture of Chile.